Statcorp Medical Blood Pressure Cuffs

Statcorp Medical announces the long-awaited, highly-anticipated release of the UltraCheck and SoftCheck Curve Blood Pressure Cuffs!

As you know, taking a blood pressure on a patient with a conical-shaped arm can be frustrating.  Statcorp has developed the only bp cuff available in reusable or disposable specifically designed for a conical arm.  Taking a pressure with a cylindrical cuff or taking it on the forearm just don't supply accurate readings.1,2  As a clinician, you want what's best for your patient.  Now your patient has a cuff made specifically for them, offering comfort and accuracy in one package.

1.Palatini, P; Benetti, E; et. al., Rectangular cuffs may overestimate blood pressure in individuals with large conical arms, Journal of Hypertension 2012, 30:530–536.
2.Schell, K; Bradley, E; et. al., Clinical Comparison of Automatic, Noninvasive Measurements of Blood Pressure in the Forearm and Upper Arm, Am J Crit Care. 2005;14: 232-241.

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Statcorp Medical Unifusor Cuffs Unifusor Cuffs

More varieties and configurations to choose from

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  • Why do you need a bariatric cuff?  Click here to find out!
  • The UltraCheck and SoftCheck Curve have been cleared by the FDA and are in stock!  Check out the first cuff specifically designed for conical arms!  Click here for details.


Statcorp Medical Unifusor Cuffs Blood Pressure Cuffs for every need...

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