Statcorp Medical Blood Pressure Cuffs

Statcorp Medical announces the long-awaited, highly-anticipated release of the UltraCheck and SoftCheck Curve Blood Pressure Cuffs!

As you know, taking a blood pressure on a patient with a conical-shaped arm can be frustrating.  Statcorp has developed the only bp cuff available in reusable or disposable specifically designed for a conical arm.  Taking a pressure with a cylindrical cuff or taking it on the forearm just don't supply accurate readings.1,2  As a clinician, you want what's best for your patient.  Now your patient has a cuff made specifically for them, offering comfort and accuracy in one package.

1.Palatini, P; Benetti, E; et. al., Rectangular cuffs may overestimate blood pressure in individuals with large conical arms, Journal of Hypertension 2012, 30:530–536.
2.Schell, K; Bradley, E; et. al., Clinical Comparison of Automatic, Noninvasive Measurements of Blood Pressure in the Forearm and Upper Arm, Am J Crit Care. 2005;14: 232-241.

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Statcorp Medical Unifusor Cuffs Unifusor Cuffs

More varieties and configurations to choose from

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Statcorp Medical Unifusor Cuffs Blood Pressure Cuffs for every need...

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